Things I Love

Thoughts fly back and forth on the cellular swing set of my mind. After scribbling self-hate in my notebook, I reflect on my words. They are the same thoughts always dominating use of the swings.

I pause and decide to give other thoughts a turn—things I love.

Things I Love

  1. Sitting in the passenger seat of a car as I watch the world pass by me. The window slices the landscape into a rounded rectangle. With each moment, I feel the car propel me forward as I leave something behind.
  2. Feeling that I’m allowed to be silly—letting the real kind of laughter spill from my lips. In those moments when I’m cracking up with my best friends, I feel comfortable in my own skin.
  3. Drawing outside, falling into a trance because I’m living in the here and now. Neither emotions nor thoughts can take over because this is a comfortably empty feeling for my mind.
  4. Meeting someone new—or someone I’ve known but haven’t gotten to know—and having a long conversation where we are genuinely interested in the words exchanged between us.
  5. Unexpected sunshine in the morning, feeling the warmth grace my body.
  6. Running in the rain without an umbrella. It’s been a hot day and I don’t care about how soaked I am. In fact, each droplet pounding my skin is a reminder of my existence.
  7. Dogs with owners that let me play with their furry friends.
  8. Leading a yoga class filled with laughter in a dorm room with friends after midnight.
  9. Listening to the muffled sound of the city when I’m in a train gliding above ground. I can see the lights glisten beneath a dark sky and the moon seems like it’s moving with the train.
  10. Mornings greater than the sum of their parts: a bagel, coffee, and newspaper.
  11. Laying in my bed with the lights off. I’m tired and satisfied with the hours past me. I’m hopeful about the hours ahead.

Whatever you’re dealing with, take some time for yourself to think about the things you love—not the “typical stuff”! Being thankful for family, friends, and good luck is great, but the words don’t evoke the same memories for me as the list above does. Write down the moments that matter to you.

Give what you love a chance to fly on the swing set of your mind.